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Sarah Hendy is currently represented by Princess Talent Management.
Vital Statistics
Visitor Numbers
On-air promotion led to 500,000 visitors in the week following the site’s launch.
Bandwidth Useage
Bandwidth demands could exceed 100Gb each week due to the multimedia content.
Dynamic Content
Extensive database integration powered dyanmic galleries, a mailing list and store.
Search Engine Placement
Optimised coding, text and design ensured a high ranking on all major search engines.
Alternative Domain Routing
The .net, .org, .tv and .co.uk extensions all re-routed to the primary site.
Sarah Hendy

Sarah Hendy Official Website

Launched in July 2004, Sarah Hendy’s official website was intended as an alternative to the many fan sites featuring the star of E4 Music, BBC Three and price-drop.

Design Technologies

The contemporary design of SarahHendy.com used extensive database integration to deliver dynamic content, including news, image galleries, thumbnails and quotes, and for increased visitor interactivity by way of a mailing list (with thousands of members) and news stories.

Site Evolution

Originally the site was biased to cater specifically for fans, it included an on-line store providing an outlet for signed photographs, all handled by our staff (including tracking and dispatch) and the moderation of E-mail. Relaunched in April 2006, the site’s second iteration targeted members of the TV industry with news, video clips and details of Sarah’s work. The site was discontinued in April 2007 at Sarah’s request... more info 

Complete Domain Management

All of Sarah’s domain names and their DNS routing, together with hosting of her web and personal E-mail traffic (including redundant backups) continue to be managed by SMR Group Media.
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